Q & A With Electro-Pop Duo Polychrome Ahead Of Debut Album Release

Electro-pop duo, Polychrome, have recently released lead single ‘Final Kiss’ from their Polychrome.

One half of the East-London-based duo, Victoria, tells us more about the duo’s pop influences, what we can expect from their debut album and more

What is the inspiration behind the single ‘Final Kiss’? Does the song convey any specific message?

I guess we started off working on the instrumentals, and we really wanted to go in an atmospheric direction. We recently made the video for the song- which will be released soon. We did the video as a final goodbye to the festival called the Secret Garden Party. We recorded the video there and thought we’d do a final kiss to the festival.

Is there a particular lyrical theme to the songs on your debut album ‘Polychrome’? What can we expect from the album?

The lyrics aren’t as important, as the tone and atmosphere. Our genre is focused on creating textures and soundscapes, rather putting across a really strong lyrical message.

The album is a mixture of dream pop, chillwave. It’s chilled out, low-tempo music, with both female and male vocals, and lots of textures and soundscapes. And hopefully, some good song-writing as well.

What is your personal favourite track from the album? And why?

The track called ‘Dreaming About You’. It’s quite catchy. It’s leaning towards pop music, and I’m really into my pop music.

If there’s one thing you want people to know about your debut album, what would that be?

It’s an album everyone can chill out to. It’s the kind of music you listen to when the party is coming to an end, but you still want to feel good. It’s ‘calm down’ music and I hope it also offers something fresh and new.

Who are your influences, both musically and on a personal level?

Musically, the Cocteau Twins and personally for me it’s Bjork.

Has your musical direction changed from where it was, when you played in other bands (Victoria and Jacob)?

The direction has changed somewhat. More post-rock and trip-pop influences in this album. It’s a different style of vocals as well. I’m using really airy, breathy vocals, whereas in the last album with Victoria and Jacob, definitely used stronger vocals.

Was there anything that prompted this evolution?

We released a few tracks-with this kind of style – with the publishing company and they did really well. So we thought ‘let’s make an album and band out of this’, because it seemed to be popular and people seemed to like the style.

What’s one song on your personal playlist that you’ve recently had on repeat, and why?

There’s a band called Rhye, and their song ‘Open’. Our music video for ‘Dreaming About You’, is inspired by their music video for their track. There’s a lot of nudity in it!

What’s next for Polychrome?

See what happens to the album, book in more gigs. Gigging mainly, I’d say, is next, but we haven’t released the dates for this yet.

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Listen to ‘Final Kiss’ below:


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