Tunes For The Summertime: D:Ream returns with OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS

Our favourite cheeky chaps are back with their first new music in over a decade. That’s right, UK House Music legends D:Ream return with OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS, just in time for the openings scheduled for this summer.

It’s been a rough couple of years. We don’t need to tell you that! But, and we don’t know about you, but music has totally been seeing us through. That cup of coffee with some jazz on a Sunday. That Taylor Swift album on repeat in the background whilst working from home. But look no further now for the soundtrack to your newfound freedom, than D:Ream’s ‘Open Hearts, Open Minds’. 

The band have elected to remain true to a formula which won over fans and politicians alike during the 90s, that of uplifting, piano-driven house music with retro-sounding beats and lyrics full of hope. 

Opener ‘Many Hands’ is the perfect example of that, immediately taking us back to those 90s days where it felt like a new day was dawning. It’s quintessential D:Ream at their finest, and honestly, if we don’t get to scream this from the dancefloors soon, it’s a crying shame.

Lead single ‘Meet Me At Midnight’ comes as a refreshing breath of air in the middle of all the bangers – a midtempo number full of charisma and personality. Smooth brass makes an appearance in ‘Selfies From Ibiza’, which is, incidentally, Pete Cunnah’s vocal highlight of the album. Truly powerful and emotive with a hint of bossa nova? Yes please.

Pete Cunnah and Al McKenzie have well and truly returned after more than a decade, with their own unique mix of club-kick and real song arrangement. Look no further than your 2021 pick-me-up than this utterly unique and essential comeback album.

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