Love Is Meant For You: Piera’s Pride Anthem

Sing it loud and proud, ya’ll – Pride month is finally here and we have the perfect lovers’ anthem for you. ‘Love Is Meant For You’ is the upcoming track from musician and activist Piera, whose songs walk the line between queer pop belters and LGBTQ+ activism.

The song takes on a whimsical kind of energy, as Piera’s sweet vocal sings about the joys of universal love. It’s an LGBTQ+ anthem for sure, tackling the idea that anyone and everyone is deserving of love. Piera is loud, quirky, and LGBTQ+ proud, with heart-on-sleeve storytelling and crystalline vocal work. That’s all put to excellent use on this track, which calls for summertime picnics and celebrations of all kind – marches, nights out, nights in, hugs and lots and lots of love.

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