PIERA – ‘Cosmic Reaction’

Singing as PIERA, Piera Klein and Michah Plissner combine their diverse musical CVs and create dark, daring electronic-synth pop with deceptively simple elements that conceal their complex nature. New single, ‘Cosmic Reaction’ follows on from their recent heart-racing single, ‘Unraveling’, and just like the previous release the duo continues to arouse with mystical indie and synth-bursting intimacy. Taking inspiration from the likes of David Bowie, the hypnotic Los Angeles-based pair encourage their listeners to likewise take their inspiration from them, and create art, enjoy nature, and “arouse your consciousness”.

PIERA – ‘Unraveling’

Working together as PIERA, artists Piera Klein and Micah Plissner are fully convinced that each beat and note matters, and that this means paying incredible attention to how the instruments sound; ensuring the quality of the sound of the drums and bass and giving a relentless focus on rich, evolving, exciting synthesizer tones. The result is an intimate, yet intense textural quality, with Klein’s voice perfectly matching and balancing the instrumentals, and not one thing is out of place. New single, ‘Unraveling’, is a beautiful example of their collaborative efforts, and sounds like the work of the record-making masters that they are.