Jaybandsome ‘The Weekend’

We last saw Jaybandsome in the clip for his debut single, ‘Looking Up’, where he was rapping and singing in front of his high school. Although his flow was that of an experienced rapper, his world was that of a teen: he did wheelies on his bike, flirted with classmates, and rode on the passenger side of a car. New single ‘The Weekend’ is only a few months later, but what a difference! Jaybandsome reminds us twice in the song that he’s now seventeen – still young, but firmly behind the wheel.

Jaybandsome is building on a firm foundation. He never overheats, but he never slows down, either: he keeps the track smoking, all while maintaining his cool. He can spit rapid-fire rhymes and his choruses are irresistible, all of which he does with a seamless delivery. He’s got flexibility, adaptability, and above all, absolute confidence in his talents.

On the surface, ‘The Weekend’ is all about escape and release, and celebrating the parties to come. But it also testifies to his transition: Jaybandsome is a writer on the very edge of adulthood, stepping into a hedonistic lifestyle. His voice floats between the free-spiritedness of adolescence and the toughness of manhood on the verses, while on the choruses he’s sweet as pie.

Naturally a song like ‘The Weekend’ needs to be paired with a video that is equal in extravagance, and Jaybandsome does not disappoint on that count. It starts with diamonds and sparkling watches in a jewellery store, and finishes on the streets of Midtown Manhattan on a hot summer night. Meanwhile, Jaybandsome drives his date in the sort of sports car a rap star should drive. While his face is still young, there’s a greater maturity in his composure. His girlfriend knows the score; and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way.

Watch the video for ‘The Weekend’ below and catch up with Jaybandsome and his music online on Instagram.

The Weekend

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