Face2Face America – ‘Face2Face’

Face2Face America are a non-profit organisation who are dedicated to raising awareness about COVID-19 vaccines, dispelling misconceptions about their dangers, and bringing Americans back into physical contact with each other as soon as possible. Face2Face founder Marc Benjamin is a songwriter and a healthcare industry professional, and ‘Face2Face’ was composed with co-producer Valentin.

‘Face2Face’ is fundamentally an optimistic track, and shows that beyond the misunderstandings, there’s a basic scientific truth that we’re all able to access, and that there’s a clear, vaccine-assisted path to take toward a healthy future. The track looks forward to the day when the pandemic is behind us, and we can return to the activities we all love.

Singer Spencer Grimm’s performance is immediately appealing and deeply sympathetic. The singer rides an electronic beat that wouldn’t sound out of place in a club or streaming out a car window or on a typical pop playlist. If you weren’t paying close attention to the words, you might think ‘Face2Face’ was a song about a lover’s reunion. The lyrics are ones of reconciliation which can be applied to quarrelling couples, family members coping with a generational divide, or Americans staggering under the burden of an unprecedented amount of ambient misinformation about public health.

The video, too, is more open-ended and artistic than Face2Face America’s mission might imply. It ends happily with shots in arms – but before it reaches its conclusion, we’re shown a young couple who are struggling to make a connection. They could be arguing about their relationship or discussing the best way to confront the hard realities of the world during an unprecedented crisis. We’ve all felt their confusion and their fear. Luckily, an end is in sight. As Face2Face America knows, we’ll all reach that finish line sooner if we travel together.

Watch the video below – and get your vaccine! You can find out more about Face2Face America here.

Face2Face America - "Face2Face" (Official Music Video)

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