Did You Play These Classic Music Games?

The gaming genre has a wide range of titles for gamers to enjoy. When assessing the entertainment options of today, the releases gamers can access has never been so diverse. Sports fans can sample a variety of titles on soccer and tennis, for example, people who enjoy exploring open-world games have plenty of releases to choose from, and music fans have a range of games to tuck into also. In fact, some of the music games which have been released over the years will never die.

Music and gaming do tend to go hand in hand. Music not only elevates the all-around gaming experience for players, but it can make or break a particular release on occasions. Over the years, we have seen numerous titles dedicated to music too, similar to creations like the Cosmic Disco slot game at Mansion, which feels like a title David Bowie would take to due to its dance party in outer space theme, alongside other titles based solely on bands and pop stars like Britney’s Dance Beat, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style, and plenty of others.

With so many of us growing up with a number of classic music games on a range of different consoles, here is a look at some of the titles which you might just know too.

Def Jam: Vendetta

A hugely popular release in 2003, Def Jam: Vendetta featured some of the rap game’s biggest names as they took part in a WWE-style battle royale. Fighting as the likes of Ludacris, DMX and Ghostface Killah, engaging in a battle in this game not only offered some comical value due to the characters you were fighting as but it was a truly fun title to session for a few hours too.

Revolution X

After overthrowing the New Order Nation regime and saving Aerosmith in the process, Revolution X was a brilliant game at the time of its release in 1994. With plenty of shooting to carry out using a full-size machine gun, this particular title was a blast to play. It isn’t the most advanced game ever created, but it’s still entertaining to play, especially if you’re a fan of Steven Tyler and the rest of them.

Guitar Hero

When thinking of music games, most people tend to lean towards Guitar Hero. Released in 2005, it was a global phenomenon and has sold over 25 million units worldwide. The game has spin-offs dedicated to humongous bands like Metallica and has been adapted to nearly every gaming platform possible too. The makers behind the game, RedOctane, were relatively unknown before releasing Guitar Hero which went on to record massive success. The game has even been credited with bringing rock to younger audiences and saving the genre in the process, although that is understandably up for debate. Still, Guitar Hero was an undoubted hit.

Rock Band

(Image Credit: ThatDudeRoly

Similar to Guitar Hero in many ways, Rock Band was the first game of its kind to incorporate all aspects of virtual music-making into one all-around gaming experience. Players could sing, become their favourite drummer, play the guitar, and pluck the bass to over 2700 tracks from over 900 different artists. Numerous spin-off titles were created off the back of Rock Band’s success also, with The Beatles: Rock Band being particularly popular.

DJ Hero

Like Guitar Hero but set in a DJ booth, DJ Hero had over 100 remixes and other tracks which players would have to mix together. You could push buttons, move the cross-fader, scratch, and a whole lot more in order to win points.

Special mention to Elite Beat Agents, Beaterator, and Rocksmith too.

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