VISSIA’s ‘With Pleasure’ Is Finally Here!

Coming from the frozen lands of Canada comes a new kind of popstar who’s ready to thaw out that winter chill. In time for spring and summer it’s VISSIA, with her sophomore effort With Pleasure.

Clocking in 37 minutes, it’s an impressive feat the amount that this talent squeezes in to an album just over half an hour long. And by amount, we really mean it all – the breadth of genres covered, the themes tackled, the instrumentation, the tempos… VISSIA doesn’t seem like the kind of artist to do things by half.

Highlights include the unapologetically feminist ‘My Wom’, the platonic love song ‘The Cliffs’, which is just made to be played in a top-down car on a journey towards… nowhere in particular. And of course, album closer ‘About Moving On’ points in the direction of a truly one-of-a-kind popstar, the kind who isn’t afraid to stick a six minute song on a pop album, just so long as it’s an expertly crafted tale of love and loss. Which it is.

Throughout the album, the production is kept minimal and organic, leaving VISSIA’s strong vocals to really shine instead of being hidden in complex accompaniment. The result is an album which is brimming with authentic personality, reflecting VISSIA’s own bubbly and positive attitude towards life itself.

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