T.A. Parker – ‘Endless’

Singer/songwriter T.A. Parker reflects on the days he’s left behind and days that still remain ahead in his debut single, ‘Endless’.

Originally from El Salvador, but now living in Indianapolis, the rocker who speaks both Spanish and English had focused on music from his late teens and early twenties, but after becoming a doctor, he took a break from creating. That is, until recently, when he once again picked up the pen and guitar.

Best described as acoustic rock heavily influenced by the 90s with hints of Tom Petty, T.A. is committed to releasing a good toe-tapper, but more importantly, he’s all about making songs that cause you to pause and reflect, and recover those memories you forgot were locked in there. With ‘Endless’, T.A. will have you asking yourself: where have the minutes gone?

Time is short, and by the time we realise, it’s too late. T.A. Parker displays his personal conflict with the rapid moving hands of the clock in the music video which accompanies ‘Endless’. A young boy (T.A.’s son) starts the countdown by flipping over the hourglass, setting off a personal narrative.

T.A. Parker and his band rocking away in a shed shed, and despite the close quarters, they’re still quite relaxed, as sunrays poke their tendrils through the wooden beams. A young boy passes the time in the shed by playing basketball, while his older counterpart stands with a cane and a detached expression permanently fixed on his face. The pair constantly interact, yet never communicate directly, and they are sybolic of T.A.’s discomposure – one is the younger version of himself, and the other is the older version of himself – the walls of time are caving in, forcing them to confront each other face to face.

Check out the video for ‘Endless’ below, and find out more about T.A. Parker online on Facebook.

T.A. Parker - ENDLESS (Official Music Video)

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