Sparkle – ‘Easy’

You may remember Sparkle from her debut single, ‘Be Careful’, released by the Chicago Soul and R&B singer back in 1998. It was one of the year’s defining songs, and it hailed the arrival of a gorgeous new voice, finding its way to the top of Billboard’s “R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay” and charts all over the world. Sparkle followed this success with a number of other hits, including ‘Time to Move On’, ‘Lovin’ You’, and ‘What About’. The songs were sexy tunes, but they were also grown-up pop tracks, which addressed complicated relationships in direct, unsparing language. Sparkle could communicate intense passion and true sophistication at the same time, and people noticed.

It’s wild to think that all that was 2 decades ago. But Sparkle has returned in earnest, and isn’t just resting on her legacy. Her latest single, ‘Easy’, is just as sultry, sophisticated, and stunning as all those singles which made her famous. The track is also filled with hard-won wisdom and genuine warmth; it’s not a song she would have released back in 1998, but its roots are still in late 90s R&B, and fans of the sound will recognise the smooth synths, propulsive beats, and Sparkle’s charismatic performance.

Sparkle calls upon the creative spirits of those powerful R&B artists of the past – Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Wyclef, Aaliyah, and Kelly Rowland – all of whom she’s worked with – and that passion fills every verse of the song.

The music video for ‘Easy’ is also timeless. Sparkle is at home with her love in a stylish loft, filled with modern art, and a lush sofa. It might look relaxed and harmonious, but Sparkle’s got other ideas, and she’s about to spice things up. She’s got loving on her mind; and her partner is more than willing and able to meet her needs.

Watch ‘Easy’ below, and check out the magnificent Sparkle and her music online on Instagram.

Sparkle - Easy [Official Music Video]

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