Ben Lorentzen Releases Latest Single ‘Black Eyed Girl’

It’s been a while, but we welcome back Ben Lorentzen to the pages of Essentially Pop, with his new single, ‘Black Eyed Girl’, dedicated to his Korean wife, and with the aim of raising awareness on the problem of Asian hate.

We last covered Ben back in 2017, with his singles, ‘Dead Man In The Closet’, ‘Crows On The Wire’, and ‘Lay Down In The Dark’. With his new track he takes a departure from his previous macabre style, and instead replaces them with blissful melodies, to accompany his soothing vocals and carefree instrumentation. There’s a distinct Asian flavour to the melody, and a somewhat retro vibe; vocally it’s reminiscent of John Lennon, while melodically it feels as though it’s an homage to David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’. The indie-pop stylings of Lorentzen will leave his listeners with as much a feeling of joy as he is clearly experiencing himself. ‘Black Eyed Girl’ is certainly a love song, and one that will bring a smile to every person’s lips.

Lorentzen has placed raising awareness about the problem of Asian Hate as one of his foremost priorities, and he does it in the way he knows best, through music.

Stream and download ‘Black Eyed Girl’ here. You can find out more about Ben Lorentzen and his music online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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