Moonshine Bandits ft. Corey Taylor – ‘Live The Madness’

Country-rap group Moonshine Bandits formed in 2003, in California, and have since toured all over the US, and created their own record label, MSB. The duo, comprising Dustry Dahlgren and Brett Brooks, have enlisted the services of Corey Taylor, from Slipknot, on their new single, ‘Live The Madness’. How did that happen? Well Corey’s wife just happens to be a big fan of Moonshine Bandits. Of course she is!

‘Live The Madness’ is all about the rockstar lifestyle and living it to the full. The song takes the best parts of both hip hop and country music, and in the crossover we never knew we needed, tell the tale of getting into a flashy car, and driving the highway, with no care for anything else.

There’s two parts to the track; the chorus is classic country, while the verses are where the high energy rapping comes in, courtesy of Corey Taylor, who, it may surprise you, is able to pull out a rap like the best MC going. Does it work? Does it ever!

The music video is also a crossover of the best bits of both genres. We start out with a blacked-out Camaro, driving through the desert, and over dirt roads. From there it’s all about flying racing cars, and private jets, before coming down to earth at a gas station, where Moonshine Bandits find – what else – a secret door leading to an even more secret club, bedecked in red velvet, flashing lights, and of course, as in every rap song, beautiful women. Moonshine Bandits have taken two genres that on paper, should not go together, and made it reality.

Watch the video for ‘Live The Madness’ below. Keep up with Moonshine Bandits online on their official website.

Moonshine Bandits - "Live The Madness" ft. Corey Taylor

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