Eddie Cohn – ‘FREEDOM’

Out of LA comes Eddie Cohn, whose voice has led him down myriad fascinating paths by way of music, podcasts, yoga, and a soon to be released novel. He’s always seeking connection, with his curiosity spurring him on to create. Not only that, he wants us all to get our heads off our phones, to focus on something other than ourselves, and back into learning from and with each other.

Speaking to LA Voyager recently, Cohn said,

“Music has the power to heal and dramatically shift the energy in a room and it’s always been there for me. A good song can stay with you forever.”

His latest single, ‘Freedom’, his first in a good while, came about because of the current state of chaos and impermanence of the world. It serves as an uplifting groove, while at the same time asking some pretty big questions. Themes of control, letting go, and facing the darker side of things, are all present in the song, which is the title track from his upcoming album. Reminiscent of Radiohead, from their ‘OK Computer’ era, there’s also something akin to Peter Gabriel’s early work, particularly in the electronic, almost tribal, rhythms of the trance-y beat driven sounds.

Cohn asks us in the song,

“Where’s our freedom / No stars align / Where’s our freedom / Outside is the worst side.”

We the listener are given cause to reflect on the big picture, but allow it to wash over us in a sort of catharsis. Sure, loneliness, death, health, and the division and polarisation in our society all have a part to play, but if we listen closely we can cut under the constant static of the devices we hold in our hands, and the cathode glow of the tv, and find the joy in it.

Alongside director Leslie Andrew Ridings, Cohn let his inspiration take over, and took a walk outside. The pair turned the camera, on, capturing some of the eerie quiet – almost desolation – present in LAs empty streets. Cohn’s presence however is so commanding that it might take a second viewing to realise that, despite being in a city of 10 million souls, he manages to perform his song completely alone. The video is certainly one of our times, and he cuts in half-second scenes of tense standoffs between police and protesters; a helicopter hovering; and a syringe on a table. We’re reminded that although this has become “normal”, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay. We need to remember to sing, to dance, and to make the “old normal” new again.

Watch the official music video for ‘Freedom’ below. You can find out more about Eddie Cohn and his music online on his official website.

Eddie Cohn - Freedom (Official Music Video)

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