The Return Of Coyote Ugly

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the hit film ‘Coyote Ugly’, LeAnn Rimes has teamed up with world-famous DJ David Audé to release remixed version of tracks on the soundtrack that were written by hit-maker Diane Warren.

Opening with ‘Right Kind Of Wrong’, the lively beat pumps through as Rimes’ dulcet tones sing “Lovin’ you, isn’t really something I should do”. Audé has cleverly kept the core production from the soundtrack’s original producer Trevor Horn whilst putting a sprinkle of his own production style for 2020.

‘But I Do Love You’ is an expressive track with rich synths running through it and features a honeyed vocal. If you enjoy European pop that is beautifully sung then this song will be right up your street.

Closing with the film’s smash hit ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’, the electronic beat pours out the speakers with the lush piano remaining. It will become popular in nightclub environments as people will enjoy both the nostalgia and the upbeat dance rhythms thus showcasing the material to a new audience. 

Overall, the ‘Coyote Ugly 20th Anniversary MegaMix’ is an exciting release that is very welcome in 2020 as it allows people to travel back to the year 2000 and escape for a bit. 

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