ThaKayder – ‘OMW ‘Out My Way”

Hip hop artist ThaKayder isn’t letting anyone stand in his path, as evinced by new single, ‘OMW Out My Way’.

Nothing’s going to let ThaKayder get side-tracked; his focus is honed in on the goal. His motto, “Recalibrate the oscillation of your vibratory frequency”, as seen in his Instagram bio, isn’t instantly clear, but just like his music, it requires a bit more of a deeper look. The San Diego native, who now lives in Arizona, wants his listeners to adjust their focus, and ensure that they’re looking straight at the victories ahead of them – to set their eyes on the goal. He’s certainly done that himself, with his whole life so far spent shaping both his sound and musical identity – going so far as to mould his very character so it is in line with his sound. ThaKayder, a name made up from his initials, stresses his goal of catering to the masses with his music.

Alongside his music is his clothing line, AOW, aka Appetite Of A Winner, which is also the name of his debut album.

The storyline in the music video for ‘OMW’, just like ThaKayder himself, leaves nothing to chance. There’s no “what-ifs”. He always “goes up out my way” in order to get the attention of the beautiful girl as she passes by. Sweet talking, he does so with the intent of making every second count, she’s the most important thing in his life, right there at that very second. Flattering her with every step on their short walk downtown.

The clip, shot by videographer 91 Chainz, captures every smile, every second glance, every double take; every compliment ThaKayder dishes out on his love interest, played by Phoenix model, Helga Molina. She smiles widely; clearly the flattery does wonders. The video ends as they pause under a streetlight; what happens next? We’re left to our imaginations. What’s certain is that ThaKayder knows – just like everything else in his life, he’s got it all planned out.

Watch the music video for ‘OMW ‘Out My Way” below.

ThaKayder -   Out My Way  (Music Video)

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