Italian Rising Star Yoniro Releases New Song, ‘Bambina Bambolina’.

“A new hymn and a song for courage”, these are the words Yoniro used to describe her latest release: the audacious and experimental ‘Bambina Bambolina’.

The Italian title roughly translates to “little baby doll”. It’s worth noting, however, that the words “Bambina Bambolina” also carry a message of duality: past and present vs. future. “Bambina” (meaning ‘young girl’ or ‘female child’) represents the Woman in our current patriarchal society. The Woman who has missed many opportunities in life only for being born a woman. “Bambolina”, on the other hand, meaning “baby doll”, symbolises the Woman from the future: a Woman fully in control of her choices, freed from all sorts of gender stereotypes and expectations.

Yoniro, 26, certainly sets herself an arduous challenge: to overturn the deeply rooted mechanics of patriarchy and bring the world into a state of war. A war against stereotypes, double standards and hate. Thankfully she is not alone in this battle, as she asked her fans to take over Instagram and create ‘Yonirical’ accounts in order to post, with no rules or restrictions whatsoever, anything they wanted. It’s no surprise, of course, that the many Yonirical accounts mostly posted pictures and memes about gender equality and womanhood.

The “Yonirical movement” is also an experiment: in a bold move, Yoniro asked her fans to post uncensored pictures of her body. What might appear to be mere provocation is actually a challenge to the social platform’s algorithms. Will they be able to identify Yoniro’s body, featured in a set of ultra-polished and glossy photos, or will they fail in identifying the feminine features of her non-canonic body?

It is clear that the visual aspect of the project is essential. Featuring wisteria-coloured designs, esoterism and cybernetic suits, her message is striking and comes across clearly. Language barriers are pulled down. You don’t need to speak Italian in order to understand what she is singing about: her imagery speaks for itself (besides, the English translation of the song is conveniently published on her website).

Below you can see the NSFW visual of ‘Bambina Bambolina’. The song is an eclectic and glitchy electropop piece, heavily influenced by the current hyperpop trend.

If you enjoyed this introduction to the world of Yoniro, stay tuned on Essentially Pop. Surprises are coming soon!

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