Emily Edrosa – ‘She Agreed’

Multi-instrumentalist, Emily Edrosa, voices what we all feel when she describes herself as “a pretty afraid person”, and that she’s scared of change. But change she did, going from her supportive hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, where she’d grown a fanbase over a decade of performing – switching it up for a chance at the dream in Los Angeles.

She left her homeland and her band, Street Chant, who’d been making a great name for themselves with records released through Flying Nun Records, and swapped it with the hope of forming a band, and maybe picking up a green card along the way.

Emily is proof that stepping out of your comfort zone can make great changes in your life happen – she was signed to Park The Van Records, and along with producer John Agnello, known for his work with the likes of Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, and Dinosaur Jr, among others, she released her album, ‘Another Wave Is Coming’. ‘She Agreed’ is the first track to be lifted from the record.

The narrator in ‘She Agreed’ sees a love life go completely out the window. A gorgeous guitar instrumental accompanies Edrosa’s vocals, which in turn are quite droll, with a “couldn’t care less” attitude that you very early on realise mean she cares very much indeed. The language is very definitely Antipodaean; words like “tuck shop”, “wagging” and so on evoke schoolyard memories for me, and make me realise that Aussies aren’t that different to New Zealanders, and that we’re very different to a lot of other nationalities. The narrative of the song focuses on a relationship between two girls at school, but the parents of one have stepped in to end it – and the girl isn’t willing to fight their decision. Edrosa however, tries to get rid of the memory of the girl from her life, but is unable to.

The music video, directed by Emily Kempf, frontwoman of the band Dehd, and Ryan Hart, is reminiscent of the one for ‘The Scientist’ (Cold Play). We enter on an horrific road accident, and we rewind and before our eyes we see – and piece together – what has actually happened.

Watch ‘She Agreed’ below. Emily Edrosa is online on Instagram.

Emily Edrosa - She Agreed (Official Video)

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