Zoe Scott Announces #DanceTheWaveofLove Campaign!

Her album, ‘Shades of Love’ – 12 classics reimagined to a Bossa Nova beat – was just the tonic we were crying out for when Zoe Scott dropped it earlier in the year. Produced by ten-time Grammy, two-time Emmy-winning Moogie Canazio, it hit all the right notes. 

Then there was the video to lead single, ‘Quiet Nights’, that spawned a Malibu-lit video featuring swaying palms, sun-kissed skin, the cobalt Pacific on a balmy day… and world-class dancers lapping it all up. And it’s this appreciation of dance – and the struggle of artists during a global pandemic – that inspired Zoe Scott’s latest lockdown-busting campaign, #DanceTheWaveOfLove.

‘Quiet Nights’ was the springboard for a campaign where you can sponsor dancers, a choreographer and a cinematographer, and this kick-ass team of professionals will be commissioned to come up with a routine for one of those locations. It’s going to be like a global-scale Strictly Come Dancing, where you have your say before the dance begins.

‘With performers worldwide on pause, the plight of dancers in a global pandemic was never far from my mind,’ says Zoe. ‘I was moved to offer gratitude and direct support to professional dancers globally. 

‘What started with me sponsoring dancers around the world in places dear to my heart—Rome, New York, London, Rio, and Malibu—has blossomed into the Wave of Love Challenge, where you can sponsor dancers in your special places.’

All part of the global love that’s being spread by Shades of Love, which includes the most delicious – there’s that word again! – jazzy version of Amy Winehouse’s classic You Know I’m No Good. It looks like lockdown has put sophistication back on the menu.




#DancetheWaveofLove Playlist


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