Eliza May – ‘I’m Coming Home’

Eliza May isn’t the first artist to commemorate that feeling and sense of belonging that’s offered by a homecoming, and she certainly won’t be the last, but somehow she’s managed to make it sound far more tangible, real, and inspiring than we’ve heard in a very long time, with her single, ‘I’m Coming Home’, the first release from her ‘Emotions’ EP, which is set to come out in 2021.

The DJ, EDM producer, and classically trained pianist, makes her base in Los Angeles, but her roots are in Russia, and that European sound is evident in everything she does. Eliza May cites Norwegian DJ Alan Walker as a major inspiration to her sound, and says,

“I want my music to be full of emotions, feelings, and meaning. It’s so amazing when people listen to your music and can relate to it. I want my songs to inspire people, help them along their own journeys.”

‘I’m Coming Home’ is a dance track, but it’s so much more. Eliza May is a true musician, and is able to convey emotion just as effectively in her electronic beats as when she’s performing with an acoustic instrument. There’s an intimacy to her style, and she knows just when to lay off the synthetic elements and give her compositions room to grow.

The music video for ‘I’m Coming Home’, shot by Laurent Cohen, is mesmerisingly compelling. On the one hand it’s energetic, as to be expected from a dance track, but on the other it’s a meditation of sorts, about the idea of home, and the long journeys it sometimes takes for us to get there. It serves also as a reminder that although we might encounter struggles, obstacles, and challenges along the way, we can overcome them, to restore to ourselves our true peace and happiness.

Speaking of the song and video, Eliza May says,

“It reflects my journey of self-discovery and growth. I hope it can help others through their own journeys as it helped me through mine. During quarantine I’ve been focusing on self-development a lot so the track reflects my own journey from being lost, not knowing what to do and where to go to finding my way and understanding this world and what I am in it.”

The clip sees the star in an abandoned, graffiti-covered house, in the middle of the Mojave Desert. She must travel, barefoot, in the scorching heat, along a barren and dusty road. It’s a struggle that’s fraught with danger and difficulties, but one which makes her eventual arrival at her destination all that sweeter and heartfelt.

Watch the video for ‘I’m Coming Home’ below. You can find out more about Eliza May and her music online on her official website.

Eliza May - I'm Coming Home (Official Music Video)

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