Allegra Lands Rollacoaster Cover And Releases ‘Do What I Want’

Looking resplendent – and cozy as hell – in silver-chic Juicy Couture, your next favourite pop star has landed the cover of Rollacoaster’s Autumn/Winter 2020/21 issue. Because of course she has. 

At just 18, Allegra already has four years’ worth of pop artistry to boast about – from innovative covers of modern classic the pundits went nuts over to the Scott Stodart-produced smash hit that was ‘All About Us’ – and she continues to tick those bone fide pop star boxes with this latest fashion-forward accomplishment.

It’s a bold and stylish statement that suits the tenacious Allegra down to her platform sneakers, and the picture-perfect accompaniment to her latest, almost celebratory single, ‘Do What I Want’. 

This go-get-‘em anthem is a timely slice of dance-pop perfection, with rifts you can grab right hold of and a melody that gets you right there and, this being Allegra, there’s a stomping, rip-roaring video that’s already nabbed well over 200,000 views on YouTube to boot. The fans are going totally doolally over it. 

With flavours of Ariana Grande here, beats of Drake there, and a fresh musicality all of her own, ‘Do What You Want’ is bursting with all the right pop credentials, and yet more proof – like we even needed it – that Allegra is the burgeoning pop star we all need right now. 


Find Allegra online on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram.

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