McFly Release New Single ‘Tonight Is The Night’

McFly thought it would be a good idea to play on our emotions this week as they release their next single from highly anticipated album “Young Dumb Thrills.” The track titled “Tonight Is The Night” is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

“Tonight Is The Night” was written by the band alongside Jason Perry and Jordan Cardy. It focusses on the heavy, yet relatable topic for most, and that is finally coming to the conclusion that you need help for your mental health. After witnessing someone you idealise struggle with a mental battle, you realise that not everyone is perfect, and now is the time that you drop your facade and deal with your own emotions.

When talking about the track, drummer Harry Judd says;

“In a way ‘Tonight Is The Night’ is the perfect summary of the album because it’s got this classic Tom melody but with Danny production flourishes and great harmonies and hints of [McFly’s 2006 album] Motion in the Ocean”

Whilst their last single “Happiness” saw a more grown up, yet fun side of the band, “Tonight Is The Night” sounds like a combination of all the old classic McFly songs, and will make you reach for the tissues. It’s a song to listen to when you’re going through your most tortured times.

Their album “Young Dumb Thrills” is due to be out on the 13th of November. If “Happiness” and “Tonight Is The Night” are anything to go by, then this new album will be one of their best yet. When talking about their priorities moving forward, Harry continues;

“We want as many people as possible to hear our new music and when we can, we want to go out and play for our fans, but for us, nothing will ever beat being able to hang out with your mates and make amazing music that you love. For us, that’s what McFly is always going to be about.”

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