Sick Of The Riot EP Release – ‘Life Will Explode’ – Review

2-piece band from Birmingham, Sick Of The Riot, has bombarded the punk-rock world with their new EP, ‘Life Will Explode’, releasing on October 26th.

Sick Of The Riot and their catchy punk-rock songs submerged me in nostalgia with the sound that was something like the punk-rock bands from the early 00s.

Imbued with smooth, classic, rock guitar riffs, Sick of the Riot introduces their EP with their short yet enticing interlude.

The EP then really kicks off with their head-banger track ‘Best Oof Enemies’. With maverick themes, their jealous and bitter moods about experience’s with enemies are expressed in their lively verses and hooking chorus.

Followed by their track, ‘White Eyes’, (my personal favourite), their gentle guitar riffs, slow drum beats, and longing vocals, it is hard not to compare them to the punk-rock gods of Green Day. Catching me off guard, the song then transforms into a heavy and raucous chorus. It’s impossible to not envision yourself in the middle of raving crowd, jumping around to this track.

The accumulation of moods and vibes throughout the EP is highlighted in their final track ‘Friends’. With its heavy bassline and fiery vocals, the mood turns down in the intense and engaging middle 8, only to then explode with the instrumental finale.

I think it’s fair to say that Sick Of The Riot nail the concoction of punk and rock. One minute you are hoisted through catchy melodies anchored by impassioned lyrics, the next you’re craving the feeling to mosh to its brash and spirited swift in music.

Achieving the ultimate blend and diversity of the genre, this band is heading over the horizon all guns blazing.

Find Sick Of The Riot online on Twitter, Facebook. Instagram, and their official website. Stream and download their music on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

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