Alt-Pop Star On The Rise VISSIA Releases The Emotional WALK ME HOME

The new song by intriguing artist VISSIA has been given the at-home music video treatment thanks to some excellent video editing and the talents of the artist herself.

“This music video was created at home during quarantine using whatever I had around in my house. I borrowed some wardrobe pieces from my sister and my roommate and, assisted by my sister, did three days of shooting the three different versions of myself. Rather than focus on reality, I wanted to be colourful and creative with the concept. This is the first video I’ve done lip-syncing a song, so it was definitely a challenge getting comfortable performing on camera. This video was also my first dive into learning about colour grading and correction, which is a skill that takes years to learn and master, so I’m pretty happy with where I ended up with it.”

‘Walk Me Home’ is the sound of an artist completely comfortable with every facet of her being. VISSIA’s production is dreamlike, with an ethereal yet powerful vocal floating over the top, with as much warmth and depth as her eyes.

Utterly emotive and expertly produced, the piano-led ‘Walk Me Home’ is a song which plays on VISSIA’s strongest suit – her powerhouse of a voice. It leads the song, a powerful ballad about asking for help when it’s needed; and is an intriguing match to Vissia’s stark appearance, and the strong figure of an alt-pop superstar she has already begun to create for herself.

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