Viva Las Vegas: A Rundown Of The Best Songs For A Poker Night

When it comes to hosting a poker night, the playlist is essential for creating an exciting and memorable experience. There’s nothing quite like high stakes and the mystique of a casino environment. It’s no surprise, then, that so many people love hosting poker nights, or trying their hand at online games.

Playing games while listening to music, whether it’s in-person poker or online casinos, like Paddy Power Games, the right genre can really add to the atmosphere. Paddy Power’s offering of online slots, jackpots, and classic games demonstrate that the demand for virtual gaming is only going to get bigger. So, with that in mind, we’ve assembled a poker playlist for your listening pleasure.

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

One of the biggest pop singles of all time, selling over 9.5 million sales in the year of its release back in 2009, Lady Gaga’s Poker Face has all the makings of a gambling anthem. It was the second track from her debut studio album, and it comes from an era where Lady Gaga was still finding her feet in the music business. The song is also accompanied by a very memorable music video.

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Money, Money, Money by ABBA

Taken from ABBA’s album Arrival, the song Money, Money, Money, written by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, is about the struggle to get ahead despite working hard. While the track has nothing to do with gambling, it’s a song that everybody knows can definitely serve as a fun backdrop while playing poker with Money, Money, Money on the mind.

You Know My Name by Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name opened the 2006 film Casino Royale. It’s an intense, robust track that fits into the context of the movie, which is all about Bond’s attempt to win a high-stakes poker tournament. While it’s not the most popular song, playing this track is an excellent way to re-create the tension that Bond felt when he was up against Le Chiffre to win the grand prize.

Deuces Are Wild by Aerosmith

Rock music seems like a natural fit for a night of high-octane gambling. Released as a single in 1984, Aerosmith’s Deuces Are Wild can be found on the album Big Ones. It was a hugely successful track at the time, topping the US charts for four weeks running. An electric rock song that features hard-hitting lyrics, Deuces Are Wild is perfect for an epic night of poker.

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There’s no doubt that music affects our mood, from giving us instant joy to making us slow down and reflect. The sound of music has changed over the years, but the emotions it elicits has remained very much the same. Music is a great way to add to the atmosphere and pass the time. And when it comes to gambling nights, you’re going to need upbeat sounds that keep you motivated. So, during your poker night, make sure you spin these tracks and create a night to remember.

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