Musical Bingo Cribs Helps Prevent the Closure Of London’s Oldest Entertainment Venue

With something close to 82% of the UK’s live venues under threat, the team behind Musical Bingo Cribs has come together with The Clapham Grand to help prevent permanent closure of the historic venue.

The Clapham Grand has been open for the past 120 years, making it one of London’s oldest venues, and one of its most iconic. Recently however, due to the global pandemic and the financial pressures that come with it, it’s been suggested that the historic site may sadly have to close its doors for the final time. Thankfully however, Agency Unknown has devised a plan to help make a change for this venue, and believe saving nightlife throughout the UK is of the utmost importance at the present.

Since the start of Lockdown, AU had to think of new inventive ways to keep their punters entertained throughout. They devised Musical Bingo Cribs, a subsidiary of the live MB show, but in virtual format available to everyone all over the world. Making Cribs was the only solution to carrying on the dream throughout these hard times. It has however been a huge success. Nearly every week having near to sell-out shows with our much-loved customers going all out.

So for one night and one night only they have come together with their friends at The Grand and would like to introduce to you… Musical Bingo Cribs: The Grand Fundraiser.

They will be bringing an all-star cast to host you the festivities, including some of London’s hottest comedians. A wicked superstar DJ with all the tunes and all the skills; but as always some huge prizes to be won throughout the night. As well as this, they will be bringing out all the Big Rounds to be played, including all of your favourite musical heroes, from The Beatles to Tupac Shakur, from Madonna all the way to The Swedish House Mafia.

All ticket proceeds will be going towards keeping this iconic venue from permanent closure. The Clapham Grand has already raised a huge amount of money and we’d like to do our part to send it over the finish line.

The Grand’s Manager Ally Wolf comments: 

“The Grand is a magical building with an incredible past spanning 120 years that has adapted throughout the decades to provide entertainment to millions of people. Without cultural spaces like The Grand and so many other venues now at risk, we will have a very different and incredibly sparse cultural landscape. As one of London’s biggest and oldest independently owned venues, we are speaking out on behalf of our industry and ask for people’s kind support in helping to ensure our doors will once again reopen.

The show will start at 19.45 on 6th August 2020 via the communication sponsors of Covid-19 that is ZOOM. And The Clapham Grand would love to see all their friends, familiar faces and even newcomers down for what will truly be an amazing event.

Nightlife within London at this present time is within a cloud of such uncertainty. Many clubs are looking like they will permanently. Together we will hopefully save The Clapham Grand from closure, but many venues will not have such luck…

It is up to us to help save them, so future generations can enjoy all of what London has to offer and help create once in a lifetime experiences over and over again.

Tickets are available here, with all proceeds going towards preventing the closure of The Clapham Grand.

You can also donate to The Clapham Grand Crowdfunder campaign via this link.

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