Sonarpilot – ‘CodeX’ And ‘Imperium’

Sonarpilot is the earth name for Michael Moppert, who holds that there’s a sort of code – a matrix even – that is the basis for all of physical reality. Formed of patterns and rhythms that can’t be detected with our existing devices, could these nonetheless form the very basis of our world, situated just beyond the extremes of our perception? While this might all sound a bit Arthur C Clarke, it’s an interesting theory, and if it exists, it’s very possible that music might be at the heart of it all, and in the hands of electronic multi-instrumentalist Sonarpilot, we could well find out what the truth out there actually is.

The Mirage Project is Sonarpilot’s multi-disciplinary delve into the very fabric of time and space. With six electronic pieces – we present two, ‘Codex’, and ‘Imperium’: 3 and 4 respectively – he is able to bring to life both sonically and visually a series of hypnotic images. He takes techno, dubstep, jazz, classical, ambient, prog, and pop, and creates a remarkably sophisticated musical universe.

The videos are the result of a collaboration between Sonarpilot and filmmaker Roger Mäder, who has both the curiosity and attention to artistic details to match those of Sonarpilot. The six videos of the project are dazzling with optical effects, each “mirage”, as they’ve dubbed them, taking weeks to finally declare finished.

The first two mirages have been met with love and acclaim by their audience; now we present you the next two.

‘CodeX’, project #3, is a thought provoking clip. We’re shown artefacts and maps, to symbolise the struggle by humans with those seemingly unanswerable questions. Soon after however we’re plunged into an hallucinatory, trippy, mysterious series of visual effects – pleasing and yet mind-blowing.

Sonarpilot - CodeX (The Mirage Project #3) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

‘Imperium’ is a ten minute trip, with fractals drawing us deeper and deeper into a landscape of the most amazingly detailed digital revelation. Both hypnotising and – as with CodeX – pleasing, we’re caught thinking that this could be a deep dive into the very nature of the atomic structure of matter. Which pill did you choose? The red or the blue?

Sonarpilot - Imperium (The Mirage Project #4) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

If that has tantalised you and you want to know more about Sonarpilot and his music, be sure to visit the official website of The Mirage Project.

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