Georgia & The Vintage Youth Release ‘Overthinker’ – And Are Backed By Pixie Lott!

‘Overthinker’ is the brand new single from Georgia and The Vintage Youth and is taken from their new EP of the same name. 

Blending a solid drum beat with funky horns and a melodic piano, singer-songwriter Georgia Crandon admits early on “I’m trying to forget and rest those traffic jams stuck in my head” as the buoyant tune shines through like a ray of sunshine. 

Written whilst working in a pub, the lyrics deal with universal themes of the uncertainty and dissatisfaction found in your twenties and overcoming it so that you can move forward as an individual. “The jackpot opportunity ain’t looking like it’s near” poses the question of “Have the youth of the past, present and future been sold a fantasy when it comes to topics of employment, opportunity and financial stability amongst others?” 

If you enjoy the music of Amy Winehouse, Pixie Lott (who also tipped this band as one to watch) and Paolo Nutini (especially the track ‘Ten Out Of Ten’) and a honeyed vocal tone then ‘Overthinker’ will fit perfectly on your playlists. 

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