New single from Laurel Smith ‘Candy’ OUT NOW!

Introducing Laurel Smith. The Seventeen-year-old singer songwriter from North London adds being a black belt in karate alongside her songwriting talents. 

Laurel started writing songs when she was 10 years old songs which she claims were “alarmingly emotionally deep for a child in her first year of double digits.” 

At 12 years old Laurel used to spend her Saturday mornings at her parent’s friend home studio, gradually recording material. 

The young artist began releasing demos on Soundcloud in year 9 of school and two years later went onto a studio in Finsbury Park where she recorded her singles “Mona Lisa” and “Afterthought” and her first E.P “Mortals” which she released on all digital platforms via AWAL during 2019. 

Laurel has announced her new single “Candy” – a transatlantic collaboration with Detroit producer Moflo made during lockdown and released on all major digital platforms on the 31st July. 

Laurel has a love for Graphic Art and she partnered with illustrator Jagan ( Instagram) for the “Candy” single sleeve. 

“Candy” was inspired by a character, Halley, and her daughter in the movie “The Florida Project”.  Laurel says she was moved by their relationship and the things Halley does to provide for her child whilst they are residents of a motel. “Candy” shows the sacrifices and lengths mothers go to for their children and the dream of something better. 

“She displays a quality of songwriting that’s rarely seen in one so young….Talent like this doesn’t come along very often” – Purple Revolver

Laurel is currently working on her live set and looking forward to getting out and performing. 

Find Laurel Smith online on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and her official website.

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