David Haerle – ‘The Free Show’ And ‘Run And Be Free’

‘Death Valley’, David Haerle’s second album, was released in May this year, and is the follow-up to his 2018 debut, ‘Garden Of Edendale’. It’s a marriage made in heaven of guitar-driven rock and a glorious California sound; the perfect blend of classic American and British rock.

‘Death Valley’ trace the journey of one man’s search to renew his spirit, and his increasing ability to find the beautiful in, and be thankful for, life’s small miracles every day. Haerle’s music takes its inspiration from those moments, and he lays out his immediate experience on the album, with memories of teen heroes, love ballads, and full on jams – all while Haerle’s guitar is going full throttle and navigating the turns at high speed.

‘Run And Be Free’ draws imagery from Haerle’s childhood in LA, and his second home, in McMinnville, Tennessee, where his grandparents had a farm. Speaking of the inspiration, Haerle said,

“I grew up knowing the hustle of the big city as well as the joys of riding motorcycles, driving tractors, and floating down the river in the country.”

There’s certainly both sides shown in the video, the peace and quiet of country life, and the hustle and bustle of the city, with viewers taken on a journey through the opposite, yet not opposing, sides of life, captured in Haerle’s strummed guitar, and also in the warm keyboards of the track, which imbue a summery vibe. The song is told in story form, with the visuals fitting perfectly. Watch it below:

David Haerle - Run And Be Free (Official Music Video)

Second track, ‘The Free Show’, was released back in February, ahead of the album, and takes its name from a catchphrase of Haerle’s partner Erica, who will point out and declare a glorious sunset, or a beautiful cloud formation, and declare it to be “a free show!” But as Haerle explains, the free show doesn’t always have to be about nature; he says,

“When we take the time to look around us and really see, we find ourselves surrounded by amazing things.”

The video for ‘The Free Show’ is a showcase of many of the exciting and intriguing characters and events Haerle has come across in his day to day life in LA. There’s a chartreuse Chevy, street performers at Venice Beach, murals on the sides of the buildings, even the Los Angeles River itself.  Birds on rocks, cyclists on the beach, flowers, and even the highways themselves which snake around LA, channelling her denizens from place to place, are all things of beauty when you look closely enough, and certainly fodder for The Free Show. Watch the video below and tell me if you agree!

You can find David Haerle online on his official website.

David Haerle - The Free Show (Official Music Video)

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