Casino Games With The Best Odds 

For as long as human civilization has existed we have lived hand in hand with gambling games of all kinds, in fact some gambling historians point to discoveries made in China which suggest that we were even playing rudimentary versions of games like blackjack ten thousands years ago! That is a huge amount of time, and it just shows how much we love to gamble as a species.

This love eventually ended up in the establishment of casinos, something that happened later than you may have actually though. It was only in the 16th century that the Venetians decided to capitalise on the popularity of gambling, and so the casino was born. This naturally led to a myriad of new games like roulette and slots over time, and now gamblers had many types of gambling to choose from. But what are the casino games with the best odds at 666Casino? Read on to find out.


Blackjack is almost always referred to as the casino game that has the best odds available on the floor, and it is therefore the favourite way for many experienced gamblers to make a quick buck. The great thing about blackjack is that, compared to many of the other games on the market, there is a fairly limited number of potential plays and outcomes, meaning that savvy gamblers can really learn to play the game and win.

And then of course is the art of card counting, which if done correctly can pretty much guarantee that you’ll win money. You have to be careful here however, as the majority of casinos don’t look too kindly on card counters, although at the same time it isn’t technically illegal!


When roulette was invented in the 1800s it caused complete and utter pandemonium across Europe. Not only was it incredibly exciting, but the odds on it were also pleasantly good, especially for a game that was so inherently dynamic. Over the last two hundred years roulette has risen to become one of the most iconic games in the history of casino, and there is no wonder there!

It is genuinely rare that you get odds quite as good on roulette, and that fact led a British man to stake his entire life savings on a 50/50 shot between red and black. Guess what? He won, testimony to how good roulette is. But just beware of the difference between European and American roulette, the latter has odds that are a lot poorer!


Poker is one of those gambling games that you really have to be pretty skilled at to play well, otherwise the odds of winning are going to be pretty rubbish. However, what you will find is that most of the gambling professionals in the world actually play poker in order to win their money.

This is because the odds of winning can be sky-high when you know how to play effectively with tactics such as bluffing.

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