Not Just Music: 10 Cycling Podcasts To Listen When You’re Riding A Bike

Cycling is an activity in which you can do a lot in just two weeks. No matter your choice is gravel, mountain bike, or ebike, it is never going to bore you. There are innumerable great cycling podcasts that can keep you entertained as well as encourage you to ride on the two-wheeler. This article focuses on the most popular podcasts, including the pro peloton to bike trips across the world.

The Paceline Cycling Podcast

The ‘Paceline Cycling Podcast’ is for the people who enjoy any kind of cycling, ranging from gravel to tarmac. The podcast is brought to the public by bloggers of Red Kite Prayer named Fatcyclist and Patrick Brady. It focuses on the place of biking in society.


‘Velocast’ refers to a podcast that covers the longest-running cycling. The classics such as the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and La Vuelta Espana are all covered by the reporters. It is a pro-level commentary based on all cycling-related things, including the history of cycling, politics in the sport and current scandals in the pro peloton.

The Slow Ride Podcast

It is like a racing show with comedy. The co-creator of this show is Spencer Haugh established the Wide-Angle Podium Network, a network to present things related to cycling in a funny and sarcastic way. It comes after ‘Velocast’ to add some irreverence in your cycling content.

We Got to Hang Out

The podcast ‘We Got to hang Out’ was started by Annalisa Fish and Abby Watson. Since they are good friends in Portland, they talk to each other and often chat with the guests like the road racing superstar Taylor Wiles or punk legend Sleater Kinney. The program is worth listening, which does not focus only on the pro peloton.

The Cycling Podcast

It is a podcast sponsored by Rapha, which comes as a 30-minute weekly show. It features award-winning authors, publishers and journalists named Richard Moore, Daniel Friebe and Lionel Birnie. This show is about the cycling of men, whereas ‘The Cycling Podcast Feminin’ is a regular feature that deals with women’s cycling.

The Move with Lance Armstrong

‘The Move’ was primarily focused on the Tour de France. It is presented by Lance Armstrong, who has outstanding insights in racing. If you want to hear about cycling from the people who know everything about racing, you must tune to this podcast.

Crosshairs Radio

The renowned journalist Bill Schieken presents this podcast, from where you can know everything about cyclocross. As a listener, you can listen to the interview with cyclocross legend Sven Nys and chats with the cycling stars like Ellen Noble.

Quick Brown Foxes

Ayesha McGowan, the first African American professional female cyclist presents the podcast A Quick Brown Fox. She interviews women across the cycling industry.

The Outspoken Cyclist 

Diane Jenks is the presenter of this podcast, which has already completed hundreds of episodes. If you are a beginner in cycling, it is a great show for you. You can get tips on gear, about the dress-up for a winter ride, training and proper nutrition.

Wheel Suckers Podcast

Wheel Suckers is a fun show that you can enjoy. Jenni Gwiazdowski and Alex Davis present this podcast by focusing on cycling more culturally.

Trainer Road Podcast

If you want to know the latest trends of technology, training and nutrition for cycling, Trainer Road is the best show for you. You can get the answers of how to measure your FTP or whether intermittent fasting can make you faster, by listening to this podcast.

All of these podcasts are worth hearing to provide great insight into the facts of cycling.

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