7 Essentials To Bring To A Concert

Here are some concert essentials that you shouldn’t leave home without! Taking these items to a concert is going to upgrade your experience and help you have the best time possible.

A Small Bag

You don’t want a big bag to hold you down when you are jumping up and down, having a cross bag, which is on you at all times (so you don’t have to put it down and risk it getting stolen or lost). Also some venues like people to have clear bags for security reasons

Physical Ticket

Everyone loves putting their tickets on their phone, but make sure to have a physical ticket in case anything goes wrong. You don’t want to find out when you finally get to the front of the that you can’t show them your ticket because the WiFi doesn’t work!


Not all venues accept card, so make sure you have some cash handy so you’re able to get essentials, such as food, drink, and that all important merch!

Portable Charger

There’s every chance you’ll be queueing for hours before the show to get your place on the barrier, where you’ll want to have enough battery to take photos and videos – be sure to take a portable charger with you, more if possible, because even if you aren’t in the line, recording those essential photos and videos can chew up a lot of battery. It’s also great to have charge left at the end of the night for your own peace of mind, and in case you need to get an Uber home.

Wear Trainers

No point in wearing uncomfy heels or sandals, which can impact the amount of fun you have. If your feet are uncomfortable, you’re not going to want to jump and dance about, so make sure you wear suitable footwear.

Travel Size Deodorant

Naturally you’ll want to smell good when your meeting and fangirling over your favourite band or artist, so you’ll want to freshen up and smell good for them, particularly if you’ve been in the pit, or dancing all day, or just queuing. Grab a travel sized can of deodorant that you can fit in your small bag without taking up too much room. Most pharmacies or supermarkets have these available.

Enjoy Yourself!

Forget your worries, leave your self-conscious feelings at home, and have a good time! This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Be sure to let us know if you’ve found these tips useful!

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