Blindboss – ‘Fake Internet Points’ 

California progressive rock band Blindboss examine social media in their latest track, ‘Fake Internet Points’. Led by the very outspoken multi-instrumentalist Max Gomez, they make their opinion known about the world we created. Max sees social media as a brutal game that a long time ago stopped being fun – but one that we’re caught up in, with no idea of how to escape.

Blindboss distinctively blend theatrical rock, adventurous prog, circus music, punk, and the deepest and darkest of dark pop, alongside experimental metal – there’s nothing that sounds quite like it. Fans love Max Gomez and Blindboss for never following trends, and for maintaining a resolute independence. Even so, Gomez has found himself in social media’s maelstrom, with no clear exit. In the chorus for ‘Fake Internet Points’ he screams,

“Overdose on recognition

We sold ourselves out”

But for sure, Blindboss hasn’t really sold out. Like all of their compositions, in ‘Fake Internet Points’ Blindboss take lightning fast turns, make unexpected juxtapositions, and in all, maintain excellence in their compositions and instrumentals. Rather than conceding to the marketplace, or – heaven forfend – the almighty algorithm – it’s a realisation of a compelling artistic vision, in all its peculiarity. We’re all struggling with the impact of social media on our culture, Gomez is no exception – but he’s handling it with grace and panache.

The music video for ‘Fake Internet Points’, directed by Renzo Rodriguez, sees Gomez in a top hat, like some psychotic blend of a carnival caller and a post apocalyptic prophet. Gomez doesn’t just play all the instruments in Blindboss, but he also plays all the roles in the video, transformed by surreal colours, sometimes into positively inhuman characters; at one point he’s a flashing 2D beacon. With lyrics such as “Once we’ve got em we don’t let em get away” the track is very reminiscent of Canadian artist Stever, whose shock style is quite similar.

Just like social media, the clip for ‘Fake Internet Points’ is super compelling, and with its bright colours and catchy sound, it’s impossible to look away. And isn’t that a most suitable metaphor for the distortion that social media plays upon us? Gomez lets his passion show throughout the song and clip, and makes one thing abundantly clear: he’s not going down without a fight.

Watch the official music video for ‘Fake Internet Points’ below. You can find out more about Blindboss on Twitter.

Blindboss - Fake Internet Points (Official Music Video)

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