Covid-19 has had a profound effect on the Irish music industry with live performances being its greatest loss. The industry is fighting back with new ways to share live music.

Pre-Covid live music made up over 50% of total industry revenues* which were derived mainly from sales of tickets to live performances. With the absence of live gigs, innovative Irish artists have been turning to live performances on platforms like YouTube as a means of connecting with their audiences.

Pop quartet Milk. recorded a three-track live session with producer and sound engineer, Thomas McGovern of Devoy Records earlier this year. Following their recent EP release, Milk. are showcasing their energetic live capabilities, with a live performance of their single “Always On Time”, which will be premiered via the Devoy Records YouTube channel on 17 July 2020 at 17:00 (GMT).

The Devoy Records YouTube channel was created by McGovern in late 2019 as a way of showcasing bespoke video content produced by the his start-up music production company. To date Devoy Records has produced 4 high quality live music videos on the channel, which have been viewed by over 56,000 people.

Taken from their debut EP ‘1, The EP.’, ‘Always On Time’ combines alternative pop music with loud and crunchy guitars and a clean-pulsating-atmospheric production style that meld together effortlessly.

In advance of the premier of their latest video Morgan Wilson, of milk., said:

“We decided to work with Thomas having seen his live session with GRWL. Collaborating with other Irish artists and creatives such as Thomas allows Milk. to reach a wider audience and gives our listeners more content to enjoy. This is especially important for us at this time when we’re not able to perform live.”

Speaking on the idea of the live sessions, Thomas said:

“I’ve seen the positive impact live sessions can have on upcoming artists. It is a great way to showcase new talent. My hope is that these videos will push artists that small bit further. I can’t wait to show you more especially during these gig-less times.”

The collaboration between McGovern and Milk. began with a recording session at Sun Studios in late November 2019, debuting with the live video release of “A Little More” in December and the second release of “Drama Queen” in February. This will be followed by “Always On Time”.

*  World Economic Forum 2020

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