Bingo in Pop Culture

If you believe that the age-old game of bingo is only played by the women of a certain age, then think again as that statement is simply not true, in fact, bingo is a massive enterprise, it’s all over the web with new bingo sites popping up on our pages on a daily basis.

Perhaps it is the simplicity of the game which can be picked up when you are feeling like a few minutes of fun or perhaps it’s because it’s such a social game where friends and family can meet and new friends can be made that makes bingo one of those games that stands the test of time. Whatever the reason bingo has been around for years and is set to stay with us for many more whether played at a bricks and mortar venue or found at a site like

TV shows Based on Bingo

Mix a game of chance with a lot of laughter and some great personalities and you end up with a main steam TV show that can quite easily go international, and that is what happened with ‘Bob’s Full House’ hosted by the late-great Bob Monkhouse.

Televised between 1984 and 1990 all the players had to do was answer questions correctly to light up their numbers – firstly four corners, then the middle line, then the full house with prizes coming thick and fast. Bobs Full House proved to be so popular that Germany, Finland, Portugal, Greece and of course the USA had their own versions.

Other TV shows include Eyes Down, a two series comedy starring Paul O’Grady the manager of a bingo hall in Liverpool and another games quiz called Lucky Numbers which was presented by the former bingo caller, Shane Richie.

It’s not only TV shows that have been based on bingo the film industry has picked up on it popularity too incorporating the game into scenes or even as the main theme (King of the Bingo Game, House and Bingo which was a short film set in and old peoples home during a game of bingo and told from the angle of one of the homes care-workers.

Playing Bingo 2020

To say that 2020 has been a year like no other would be an understatement, Covid19 has swept the world by storm affecting how we live, work and source our entertainment. The hospitality industry, like many others, has a massive task ahead of them getting people back into the theatres, cinemas, sports events and bingo halls.

During the lock down many people turned online to source their bingo fix finding new bingo sites to play at on online bingo comparison sites like New Bingo Sites which bring together only the best new sites by trying each one out, checking it for honestly and playability and then writing and offering a comprehensive review for potential players or those wanting a change of site to read and make use of.

Written by an unbiased team of bingo enthusiasts and professional within the industry points such as bonuses and promotional offers, transparency, customer support, banking options, games choices, software providers, and of course the online bingo community will all be checked and if any new bingo site is found wanting it will not be included.

Bingo is certainly big business, it appears on ad breaks on TV and on Social Media and not to forget Radio where Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills running his own radio game show called Innuendo Bingo played with a celebrity guest who has a mouthful of water. The aim of the game?  To hit the opponent with the water with spurts out of the mouth through laughter – not quite the bingo we are used to and definitely not one to play during the Corona Virus Pandemic, but well worth a mention for its total silliness!


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