Menswear Trends For Spring 2021

Before you know it winter will be over for another year and everyone will be embracing the freshness and the sunshine that comes with spring. This also means that it will be time to update your wardrobe; get rid of all those warm winter clothing and inject some spring style into your life.

Nevertheless, in order to do this effectively, you will need to be up to date with all the spring trends for 2021. But don’t worry, as that is where this blog post comes into play – read on to discover the top six trends which are going to take the fashion world by storm this spring.

  • Stripes

Stripes are a great pattern to incorporate when it comes to the hotter months. It is a pattern which possesses a sporty yet sophisticated look and thus is perfect for smart casual wear. You can opt to incorporate stripes in a whole host of different clothing garments, with the following being some of the most effective; shorts, polo tops and thin cotton jumpers.

We have seen a lot of male celebrities embrace this trend. David Beckham is often spotted in striped jumpers and T-shirts, for example! Plus, the best thing about going for this look is that it is incredibly versatile. There are so many different ways that you can wear striped clothing, so you will never be short of options.

  • Blazers

Blazers are really smart and fashionable. What is so great about this garment nowadays is that it is not something which is merely suited to formal wear. More and more men are teaming their blazers with casual wear in order to create an interesting blend. There are some sleek blazers available online at the moment, and blue is a colour which works really well when rocking this look.

If you want some inspiration on keeping it suave in a blazer, Floyd Mayweather is the man. We may not all be able to afford the Gucci jackets that he wears, but he knows how to pull off the sleek vibe very well, so he’s definitely worth taking a look at if you like the sound of this trend.

  • Two-Tone Shirts

Fitted two-tone coloured shirts are a great formal trend for the spring. They look fantastic on a night out or for smart office wear. The two-tone that are available come in an array of different styles; from the conservative to the bold. Therefore, you can opt for something which has merely a different colour on the cuffs, or you can go for something which boasts two contrasting colours on the body of the shirt and thus possesses more of a colour block design.

  •  Military

Military-style clothing is something which is very popular for both men and women this year. This relates to clothing which is khaki, brown, or possesses an army pattern. Light trench jackets work really well during the spring months as they give substantial coverage but aren’t too thick. You can find some great trench style jackets in khaki colours and these look great with any outfit as they are highly versatile.

There are lots of celebrities that are fans of this trend. We have seen Kanye West sport camo on a number of occasions!

  •  White

If you have been paying attention to the recent Men’s Fashion Weeks then you will know that white clothing is one of the most popular trends for spring and summer 2021. This is a trend which has been off the scene for several years now, however, it is well and truly back in business.

White trousers and crisp white t-shirts are going to be two popular garments. Nevertheless, be careful when deciding what to match with white because you don’t want to end up looking over the top.

Again, Kanye West is someone who knows how to wear white trousers well! This is also a look that we have seen Justin Theroux sport, showing us how to wear white jeans well.

  • Thin V-Neck Sweaters 

V-Necks have been fashionable for a little while now, and their popularity is only set to grow and grow over the coming months. Opting for a thin v-neck sweater is the perfect option when it comes to the transition between winter and summer. Bradley Cooper, Ed Westwick, and Ryan Reynolds are all fans of the V-neck.

These six trends are assured to look great during spring, thus make sure you are prepared for the months ahead and get your spring style sorted whilst there are still some great bargains about.

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