Italian Fashion Icon Giulia Returns With New Single ‘Trippin’ Out’

Giulia, the Italian fashion icon turned soulful singer songwriter, is back with her new single ‘Trippin’ Out’ and it is a very welcome introduction to her new sound.

The track has a strong start with a weighty drum beat and Giulia’s strong vocals. The track builds organically with the introduction of the synths before the song reaches its catchy chorus, Giulia sings ‘I’m Trippin’ // and a trippin’ // and a trippin’’ in such a way that you just know you’ll be humming it all day.

‘Trippin’ Out’ is a melting point of genres and influences that have been expertly fused together, a trait that can be attributed to Giulia’s less than conventional childhood. The child of a professional polo player and a global fashion entrepreneur, her younger years were spent travelling the globe and experiencing different cultures. Her music has been influenced perhaps most strongly by her time in Argentina, with the sounds and rhythms of South America cropping up frequently in her work.

Her new single comes after the release of her debut album ‘Raze Me To The Ground’ a quintessentially Country Rock album with a twist of Pop, and a comparison between these two projects show that Giulia is an artist who prides herself on personal and musical evolution and innovation. ‘Trippin’ Out’ showcases Giulia’s vocal range and rhythmic versatility and truly is the start of a whole new era for her.

Brimming with energy, and full of ideas for new musical ventures, Giulia is a real maverick. ‘Trippin’ Out’ is released on the 22nd of June with the rest of her album following shortly after, so stay tuned to find out what this Italian enigma gets up to next…

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