Jack Rayner X Jonté Moaning – ‘Klassy’

Jonte’ Moaning might be a familiar name to you. The singer and dancer was the choreographer on the landmark video for Beyoncé’s song, ‘Freakum Dress’, and not only that, he also choreographed her 2007 world tour. If you were lucky enough to have caught that show, you’ll instantly recognise his work in the clip for ‘KLASSY’ – even without knowing he’s in the video.

Jack Rayner is no novice to the music industry either, having worked with the likes of Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Avril Lavigne – just to name a few. Like Jonte’, Jack is also a choreographer, and is no slouch when it comes to stage presentation. Togther the pair have come up with an incredible song and video, with their self-assertion bold as brass and giving a chef’s kiss to all the haters.

Directed by Miles Victor Zantos, the camera follows Jonte’ in a busy day, which only calms down once he’s applied his makeup and the restoration of his self-preservation. He gets out on that stage and shows the world what he’s got, with Jack delivering the hook, while at the same time showing the world that he’s just as much a fan of Jonte’ as the others in the audience. Dancing and singing it’s impossible to not completely become enraptured by Jonte”s moves.

Sexy, powerful, and transfixing, our eyes cannot be moved from what we’re seeing…and we love it. Klassy.

Watch the video for ‘KLASSY’ below:

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