Da$Htone – ‘Someday’ (feat. Alma Cook and Ethan Butler)

Da$Htone is proud of his hometown Chicago, and has taken to the streets with his iPhone, a Steadicam, and a Bluetooth speaker, for the video to accompany his latest single, ‘Someday’. Along the way he’s cajoled passers by into lip synching lines from the song, and put them all together in a tribute to not just Midwestern hip hop, but also to all those who are inspired by it.

In addition to the Chicago locals that Da$Htone has convinced to take part in his incredibly appealing song, he’s also enlisted the assistance of neo-soul singer and poet, Alma Cook, who hails from Madison, Wisconson, and Ethan Butler, a fellow Illinois native, who’s known for his vocals, having been a contestant on The Voice, and also his incredible talent with the guitar. The three throw their talents together and create a chemical mix that is both palpable and uplifting, and together they raise their voices in social conscious unity.

There’s a map of Chicago in the bottom right corner of the clip for ‘Someday’, and as Das$Htone visits each different neighbourhood, we’re shown by way of a red pin exactly where they’ve gone. There’s areas that will be recognised by everyone, but the smaller neighbourhoods also get their time in the sun as well. ‘Someday’ is a much-needed message, and with the video making everything look beautiful, it gives the listener a much needed burst of hope.

Watch the video for ‘Someday’ below. You can find out more about Da$Htone and his music on his Facebook pageFacebook page.

Da$Htone - Someday feat. Alma Cook & Ethan Butler (Official Music Video)

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