Cheap Cuts Release French And Korean Versions Of ‘Check Your Phone’

Cheap Cuts released ‘Check Your Phone’ a month ago which features Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz. Now, the duo has dropped French and Korean versions of the extremely catchy track. You can listen to all versions here

‘Check You Phone’ has already received great success. With nearly 1 million streams on Spotify, and breaking the Top 30 of the Alternative Chart in the USA, it’s fair to say that Cheap Cuts are receiving a lot of love globally. The track focusses on what many would class as our prized possession – our phone. The obsession the world has with this piece of technology makes the track relatable to all, so the idea of releasing the track in multiple languages is pure genius. 

When speaking of the Korean and French version of the song, Cheap Cuts say;

“Check Your Phone means the same in English, as it does in French, as it does in Korean. It’s a global phenomenon that everybody understands. We use our phones to socialise, work, date, and even protest. On top of that, we’ve got every bit of information in the palm of your hand – no wonder we can’t take our eyes off them. The different language versions of Check Your Phone represent the smartphone as a global phenomenon, which has transformed our behaviour for better and for worse.”

These versions also have incredible collaborations on them. The French one features the talented Lou Lou, and the Korean version sees Kyunghee Jung. Make sure you check out all these takes on what already was a fun listen to. Follow Cheap Cuts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates. 

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