Cha:dy Releases ‘Lazy’, A Moving Song That Looks At Mental Health In Young People And Launches A Big Year For This Outstanding Talent

Cha:dy is a Parisian alt-jazz singer who, last week, released new single ‘Lazy’. Taken from a forthcoming EP, it shines a light on young people suffering with mental health. Having suffered herself, Cha:dy was able to tap into her innermost emotions to write a song that is as honest as it is moving. Steve Holley had the chance to speak with Cha:dy.

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 5

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 5 – Superbravo Release ‘La Nuit’ / ‘Chanson Pour Les Enfants L’Hiver’

It’s only December 5 but already we’re excited about Christmas Eve, which is is when the magic happens. In the night, Santa gets into his sleigh and he delivers all the presents, that are eagerly awaited by children all over the world. Paris trio Superbravo have recorded ‘La Nuit’ (The Night), with ‘Chanson Pour Les Enfants l’Hiver’ (‘Song For The Children Of The Winter’) on the B-side.