Remy de Laroque Releases 4 Track EP ‘Star Code’ In A Continuation Of His Pandemic Flood Of Creativity.

Recently, coming out of the pandemic, this fascinating singer songwriter from France, based in Brooklyn USA, released a full length collection of songs that found creative flight during the pandemic, which is not to label them but more to illustrate that the release of time constraints, deadlines and expectations gave this intriguing artist license to let the songs dictate their direction rather than all of the other things that sometime drive a musical release.

I have spoken with many artists for whom the ability to be without constraint allowed music that had no restraint and let the music, the songs, the creativity drive the direction of the writing. For many this may have led to indulgence, but not for Remy, who seems to have been able to fully release himself and create a multi layered journey of hope and positivity through nature; a diary of the last two years that subtly navigates acoustic, world music and brings many influences together as one.

June 2nd will see a four track release from the artist that continues this journey beyond and the reflection of that strange time and it continues to approach the theme from somewhat unusual angles, typified by the transition from the album’s ‘Razor Light Vision’ that reflects on bats with the virus to the EP’s ‘One Way To Saigon’ that expresses the longing to travel by referencing exotic destinations like Saigon, Berlin and Beijing and utilising Gypsy Claps in the music. This is an artist who embraces the instruments of the world and uses Gypsy guitars, Chinese zither, Klezmer drums, Polka accordion, African percussion and Brazilian instruments to help us to join him on his dreamy, evocative vision.

Remy says:

 “I almost feel like a painter adding layers that people don’t hear but that add to the tracks,” he adds. “I do not lead the song; the song leads me to where it wants to go. It’s the same with song writing, I am pulling a thread and defining something that’s already out there but not completely formed. I often feel such a great high when certain parts appear through my voice and guitar, but often the more I play them, the more I lose them. It’s almost like they’re becoming human and have to be put in human form but lose part of their spirit in the process. When the song is finished, it’s where it’s supposed to be.”

My personal favourite on this four track release, and I fully expect this to change given the multi-layered music we are talking about, is ‘Bee Dreaming’. It’s a song that swirls around in your mind in the same way that a bee in the summer will drift around you as you sit in the garden. The innocence and purpose of a bee going about their mission is something I always find hugely relaxing and in the same way this song drifts in and out of your consciousness,  It’s guitar refrain and building percussion and vocals are hypnotic in nature and remind me very much of a couple of my favourite contemporary artists, Nick Mulvey and Sufjan Stevens; artists that can make guitars almost sound like harps as they create a mysticism in their music that Remy seems to have captured, especially in this track.

When Remy is not creating multi layered multi instrument music, he is a specialist seller’s agent for the stunning Brownstones of Brooklyn. Having been born surrounded by the stunning architecture of Paris, and having spent time selling inspirational Art to Fashion companies, it is evident that this is an artist who is hugely inspired by the beauty, sometimes the unseen taken for granted beauty, that surrounds him. This empathy is hugely communicated in the way that Remy makes music; honesty and kindness shine through in his music and in a world where we all crave a little kindness, I implore you to seek out this artist’s music and enter the world of Remy de Laroque, a world of nature, cities and the human heart which mix spirituality, mysticism and all have one thing in common, they are tales of love, even when that might not be immediately apparent.

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