The Top 10 Clubs And Gig Venues In Las Vegas

The biggest names in entertainment all over the world are always attracted to the Las Vegas clubbing and music scene. Most people visit Las Vegas to enjoy the bustling nightlife and casino scene, but there are some other things for you to do. If casinos are a must, you can check out some top sites providing an authentic casino site experience, whilst you’re spending your time at some of the clubs and venues on this list.

The outrageous clubs, dive bars, and relaxation spots will always have them trooping in from across the world. Partying in these clubs and bars is also a thing of status, as much as they deliver top notch fun. Below are the top 10 of those clubs and gig venues in the city.

1: The Hard Rock Hotel Joint

Now, when the highest rock room in the city of Las Vegas hinted about expansion, many people were thrilled. This venue has a lot of history to it. Considering the number of remarkable events associated with it, so many people got interested. It was a legendary old joint, which was expanded to a 4,000 capacity new joint, and 2 years in, this new joint has had its own share of legendary shows. The opening weekend had Paul McCartney and The Killers setting the entire place ablaze, while Pixies and Weezer later did their own bit. There is also a collection of memorabilia that every lover of music must check out here.

2: The Beauty Bar

There is always that feeling of advanced fun when you move away from the strip, knowing that you are still in Vegas. At Fremont Street, you will enjoy a sprawling entertainment center downtown, and that’s what everybody wants – new fun. At The Beauty Bar, you will enjoy a lot of local music at the stage inside and the one at the patio. Here, great names like Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Walkmen, and The Hold Steady have wowed the crowd in the past. You will enjoy cheap covers, late music, and beer from the tap – what could be more fun?

3: Pearl Concert Theater

The concert venue is just 4 years old and you only need to experience one song inside it to fall in love with it. That’s actually why the Matador Records decided to reminisce his birthday here last year. At the 2,500 capacity pearl, you will be thrilled by the untainted sightlines and primo acoustics. This has hosted names like Bjork, Tool, Bob Dylan, Jay-Z, and you name it… could be their number one venue even.

4: The Cosmopolitan

This hangout is the most hippie on Vegas Boulevard. In its first year, it has shown how strong it can be when it comes to music attraction. This property at the Centre-Strip has hosted names like Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, and Adele. The Cosmo has up to three music arenas. The large indoor room named the Chelsea may not impress many. But there are also the Book & Stage where the old school concept of the city is brought back to life and the Boulevard Pool where bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, and Bright Eyes will treat you to amazing tunes while you enjoy a view of the Vegas skyline.

5: Double Down Salon

Do you really want to experience Vegas? This is where the authenticity of the Vegas vibe is experienced undiluted. You also have this in Manhattan, but it’s not as lively as what you have here. Here, you will enjoy free live music every night. This is mostly punk music, with very rough sound that makes it difficult to detect the gender of the singer. This still gives you the real fun you seek. This is also free at all times.

6: House Of Blues

Don’t ever walk through the Mandalay Bay without slipping into the House of Blues. The marque is located close to the entrance to the Mandalay Place escalator, and here, you may see the name of your favorite band as the next to perform. It has a 1,200 capacity space downstairs and up to 600 on the balcony. Here, you will enjoy all genres of music, from tributes, to hip hop, punk, metal, and all what not’s. Its calendar is always filled with some of the highest variants of music. The amazing thing is that you can still get tickets on the night of the show for just about $30.

7: XS At Encore

The strip has taken centre stage when it comes to live electronic music in the past few years. This genre of music has the XS At Encore as its home. While you walk past the array of nudes trapped in gold foil designed by Roger Thomas and inspired by Matisse, you will start feeling the adrenaline and the beats will start rattling your bones. When you must have gotten to the top of the staircase, you will behold humans shaking it off on the dance floor, and this will take away your breath. It’s always a long night of fun here.

8: Mandarin Bar At The Mandarin Oriental

You don’t have to get on with the bombastic beats every night. You also don’t have to jiggle your hip and legs all the time. There are people that revel in the huge conversations, the charming views, and the sultry cocktail. This different type of party could be enjoyed at The Mandarin. This bar is located in the lobby on the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Hotel at the CityCenter.

9: O’Sheas Club

Now, many people desire to enjoy an Irish pub for all its worth. Imagine when you have your most cherished Irish pub laced with games of slot, poker, dice, and even blackjack. Now, think about where you are enjoying the mentioned 2, plus many beer tables where you can booze, and some tattoo shops where you can get the ink from Vince Neil of the Mötley Crüe. This is a very wild casino and bar, and it is where you get the other side of glamour and glitz.

10: Surrender Beach Club At Encore

This is the second time the Encore is being mentioned here. This time, it’s about the Surrender Night Club at the Encore Beach. You will be treated to three huge bars that are properly guarded or watched by the green and gold coloured snake, while you enjoy the site of the sexy pole dancers in front of you. At Surrender, you enjoy the surroundings as much as you enjoy the activities. You encounter a lot of beautiful people here, while the superstar DJ gets people to dance into ecstasy.

These are places you can’t truly claim to have enjoyed Vegas if you did not experience them.

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