Rachael Sage Transforms Painful Experiences Into Beauty And Gratitude With Latest Release ‘Blue Sky Days’, From Upcoming Album ‘Character.

Rachael Sage, the artist who consistently uses her creativity to transform painful experiences into works of art, has done it again.

Upcoming release, the 12-track full length, ‘Character’, is a wide-eyed look at the world anew, in the wake of Sage’s experiences battling uterine cancer. The album therefore introduces themes such as gratitude, confidence, self-analysis and more in what is undoubtedly the definitive album of Sage’s career.

Album opener ‘Blue Sky Days’ is quite possibly the quintessential track on this record. Inspired in part by the imagery used on the popular meditation app, Headspace, this song was one of the first Sage wrote in recovery. It is an outpouring of gratitude in the most humbling of forms, as she looks around her and realises that the clouds do, in fact, always clear.

The accompanying video sees Sage performing the song in an empty ice rink as 10-year-old figure skater Morgan Sage (no relation) swirls around her. This mixture of intimate and spacious performance makes for a truly captivating visual, one which compliments the song perfectly. Rachael has always been a passionate, lifelong fan of figure-skating, and took it upon herself to art-direct this heart-warming and emotive video.

Watch the video for ‘Blue Sky Days’ below!

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