Winston Churchill Comes Back To Life This Sunday, Perhaps He Can Lead Us All To Win Covid World War 3!

Winston Churchill will be making a comeback at 2pm on Sunday 26th April, where he will be joining the United DJ Radio Team to express a huge “Stay Safe, Stay Home” message during World War 3.

On the show he will be expressing his dislike for the BBC’s Lord Reith who wouldn’t allow him to broadcast during the 2nd World War, whilst broadcasting a special message of support to the station’s listeners,  many of whom are in 12 week isolation.

UDJ is a consortium of celebrated DJs who broadcast globally 24/7 inspired by the influence of the late Ronan O’Rahilly’s pirate radio initiative, which delivered personality DJs to the masses. is the fastest growing radio stream in the world with 180 countries registered in the station’s listening figures.

Radio Luxembourg’s The Royal Ruler – Tony Prince is the founder, whilst former TV & Radio 1 breakfast presenter Mike Read holds down the breakfast show with a team of 32 DJs broadcasting from the UK, USA and 14 other countries in English.

Throughout these troubled times, United DJ’s continue to broadcast 24/7 via live stream from around the world. DJ’s at the station are all recording from their homes in lockdown as far and wide as  (USA/ Australia/ Hong Kong/ Ghana/ Africa/ Barbados/ Canada, Denmark/ Malta/ UK and Thailand) The station, are keeping listeners spirits high, whilst supporting the Government’s lock down  message, with their special broadcast from “Winston Churchill”… Many of their listeners fall into the 60+ age group and as such rely on radio stations like United DJs for company and light relief to alleviate the loneliness and anxiety many are feeling.

Along with Mike Read and Tony Prince, some of the legends of the airways at United Dj’s include Emperor Rosko, Eddy Grant, David Hamilton,  David Kid Jensen, Bob Lawrence and Shaun Tilley The station currently has a global audience reach of 100,000 per week across all streams hitting 180 countries who now have the free app or stream at

The full list of the DJs can be viewed on the station’s website. A Facebook members-only  has 4600 registered fans.  UDJ arrived at it’s second birthday on April 2nd and the Winston Churchill message to their community is now live on the station and across their social media channels, with his “voice” joining Tony as a guest on Sunday.  The station will continue to broadcast live with shows from around the world, throughout the Global crisis.

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