Taylor Castro Is Gearing Up To Release ‘Abyss’, Another Song Taken Straight From The Pages Of Her Diary

Taylor Castro is gearing up to release ‘Abyss’, another song taken straight from the pages of her diary. Or seem to be.

Known for her deeply personal and frank storytelling songwriting style, Castro previously released ‘Girl, Afraid’, a song which dealt with her struggles with OCD and shook the mental health community with its honesty and strength.

Now, Taylor Castro has returned with a fairytale-like song about trying to decipher the character of one of her friends – in her own words,

“For the majority of high school, I ate lunch alone… I felt utterly misunderstood. So, when I found this friend, I went slightly crazy trying to maintain that and grow it. I expected too much of him. So, this song is about deciphering him and learning how to deal with the real him rather than the version I imagined. Funnily enough, it actually ended up making us closer.”

A more upbeat release than ‘Girl, Afraid’, ‘Abyss’ makes use of summer-y synths and finger clicking beats, building towards a chorus which breaks like an ocean wave, blending euphoric instrumentation with Castro’s startlingly perceptive lyrical content. In the song, Castro makes use of mythological-inspired lyrics, comparing the boy in question to Zeus’ son, before remarking that “when you frown / You set fire to kingdoms”.

This song is set to drop on the 15th May – don’t miss it!

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