LISTEN: Dici ‘Hole In My Heart’

The gift of being an artist is their ability to turn longing, emotional void, or deepest dreams into music, personal melodic soundtracks, or time capsules of their current state of mind. The latest offering by American/Japanese genre blender Dici is ‘Hole In My Heart,’ a focus track out of his new EP ‘High and Lows’ out now.

‘Hole In My Heart’ marks Dici’s continuum of vulnerable dissections and a further nostalgic portrayal of his whereabouts and thought processes. Considering his previous seven releases this year, Dici showcases impressive emotional and musical development with each record, letting his fans and listeners into the behind-the-scenes of his heart tales.

With his master plan of becoming a worldwide selling-out performer and chart-topping sensation, Dici does not look back. Once your life’s purpose is set, there is nothing that can really stop you from evolving and going after what you want. Elaborated in his new single ‘Hole In My Heart,’ Dici opens up about leaving loved ones behind in the light of working on his career.

The future is bright for Dici, and with his relentless work ethic, there is no doubt all his dreams will become true sooner than alter. Listen to ‘Hole In My Heart’ out now.

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