One Song Made For Chilling…Five Reasons You Should Be Listening To Giulia’s ‘Trippin’ During Lockdown

If anything is going to get us through the next few weeks (/months…) it’s going to be music. Here are five reasons why Giulia’s ‘Trippin’ should make it onto your quarantine playlist!

1. It’s chill, but not boring. This song has enough vibes and beats to be perfect for the dancefloor, yet is chilled out enough for the evenings and the after party as well. It’s exactly what you need for your quarantine soundtrack, whether you’re relaxing, working out, obsessively cleaning your house (just me…?!) or just bingeing Netflix!

2. It’s the latest release from Italian enigma Giulia, who was previously known for her Earth Hour session, in which she performed an acoustic version of her single, ‘Turn Your Light Off’, lit only by candlelight. This gal clearly has the Earth at the top of her list of priorities!

3. The video will literally take you out of this world. The video for ‘Trippin’ will do more than just get you out of the house, it’ll take you to another planet! Featuring Giulia as our intrepid heroine, the video sees her shooting through the sky on a spaceship she is piloting, dodging planets and stars darting past her as she continues on her adventures…

4. It’s part one of a video trilogy! Yep, that’s right, three for the price of one! This is but the first release in a triptych of videos, with the second and third parts coming soon… Watch ‘Trippin’ now to make sure you’re not left behind when the next one comes out!

5. Now is the time to be supporting independent artists. Time to get serious. Coronavirus will impact every industry, with independent businesses suffering the most. To support artists like Giulia, you can stream their music on Spotify, buy merch or just spread the love by word of mouth, to ensure that these artists don’t suffer too much in the absence of live shows.

So what are you waiting for?! Cue up ‘Trippin’ and get chilling!

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