Exclusive Interview With Kris James As He Gears Up To Release ‘Naive’

Fresh off the back of ‘Get Back to Love’, Kris James is now working his way towards releasing his next track, ‘Naive’ – we caught up with him to find out what he’s been up to in quarantine!

How has your quarantine been so far? What are you doing to look after yourself?

Quarantine so far has been okay. As boring as it is, it’s for our safety, so I’m respecting what the government is saying and staying indoors to protect myself and everyone else. I am looking after myself and keeping busy by working out, writing music and recording lots of TikToks!

Can you give your number one self-care tip for isolation?

One self-care tip that I would give anyone would be to pick up and instrument or get a hobby that you can do from your home. Three months of isolation would give you the ability, so you can come out being a guitarist or a better singer from watching YouTube tutorials.

We loved your last track, ‘Get Back to Love’! How is ‘Naive’ similar/different?

‘Get Back to Love’ was about finding your true love and someone who gets you excited. And ‘Naïve’ is about being in a situation where you need to get a certain person out of your life. When you finally remove them, you realise that you will be fine on your own and much better off without them.

The song suggests you could be in a bad relationship or, in my case, a bad friendship. It’s a self-help song, to say if you are experiencing this now, you will be ok when you get out of it. You will burst the bubble and dish them some karma!

What are you most looking forward to once we can go outside again?

I’m most looking forward to seeing my friends and family back home in Liverpool, I haven’t seen them in ages. Times like these show you what’s important in life, and it’s definitely your loved and closest ones. I’m also looking forward to going to a nice restaurant and having some good food that I haven’t ruined with my own hands! And how could I forget – playing a live show and just doing things that aren’t in my house, just something different!

If you could be stuck in quarantine with one famous person from history, who would it be?

If I could be stuck with someone from history, I would have to say Freddie Mercury. I absolutely loved Queen and still do. His whole life story was just absolutely unbelievable and with a very sad ending. We could write and record songs together, he had the most amazing vocal ability!

Thanks for chatting to us, Kris! Safe safe, everyone xo

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