Trav Torch – ‘Lust’

We’ve been writing about Trav Torch for a few years now, and watched his journey with interest. Starting out as a rapper back when he was 13, the Maplewood New Jersey native is a fully fledged RnB artist whose latest track, ‘Lust’, from his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Bachelor Life 2’, is sure to make you sit up and take notice.

Trav’s songs are filled to the brim with hypnotic beats, and super catchy hooks, while maintaining an honesty that can only come from a personal point of view. It stands to reason therefore that he writes and arranges all his own tracks, and quite often records and mixes it too.

‘Lust’ is among the first three singles to come off ‘Bachelor Life 2’, along with ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Run It Back’. It’s the first from the new album with a music video, and it’s a good one.

Instead of appearing as himself in the clip, he’s an animated version, accurate right down to the tattoos on his forearms. He doesn’t hold back, opening with the line, “Lust is a motherfucker”; anyone who’s ever had feelings for another person knows just how easy it is to fall into temptation.

Animated by ScaryboyGFX portrays Trav rolling up in a white Escalade, with three ladies by his side, wanting to move things along. But he’s knows the perils of giving in to temptation. He says of the video,

“The song ‘Lust’ is emblematic of both my personal growth and artistic growth.  One of the lines in the second verse goes, ‘I got three speeds that’s Trav Torch, Trav, and Travis.  Trav Torch is the fearless ladies man, Travis is the vulnerable and romantic guy, and Trav is somewhere in between.  ‘Bachelor Life’ is an album that lives in the realm of extremes – songs are from the perspective of either Trav Torch or Travis.  ‘Bachelor Life 2’ takes a more blended approach, adding Trav who is actually the most accurate representation of my personality.”

You can find Trav Torch online on his official website. Check out the video for ‘Lust’, below.

Trav Torch - Lust (Official Animated Video)

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